This Is What Makes Silver Arrow Service Stand Out

Cars are everywhere you go. People use them every day. It’s no surprise that there are a bunch of auto shops out there that promise you that they can take care of your vehicle. However, few offer something unique. Silver Arrow Service is happy to be a foreign car repair shop that will provide quality auto care with added benefits that make us unique.




  • Expert customer service

Of course, any garage should have excellent customer service. It’s one of the pillars of a business and keeps people coming back. At Silver Arrow Service, we take this responsibility seriously. From our friendly demeanor to our commitment to transparency, it’s unlikely that you’ll find a garage with as much care and attention to detail to customer service as us.



  • Repairs for a wide variety of vehicles

Though we became experts at high-end vehicle factories, we still understand that domestic cars need some care as well. We’re just as likely to perform maintenance on a Toyota as we are a Ferrari. We welcome vehicle owners with open arms in our foreign car repair shop. We have enough expertise to service a variety of models for a suitable price.



  • Certifications

Thanks to our extensive work with big-name dealerships, our team has the expert training they provide down to a science. There are plenty of certifications in our possession that prove our commitment and passion for vehicles. We have the essential qualifications and expertise to service your cars in a timely, efficient, and well-done manner.




When you need vehicle repair, you can count on Silver Arrow Service to offer something different from the rest of the pack. We strive to be the best foreign car repair shop in the Nashua area for cars of all shapes and sizes, even foreign models. For more information about our services, pricing, and more, give us a call at (603)-566-2075!