4 Must Have Upgrades For The Lamborghini Murcielago

The Lamborghini Murcielago is a very fast car from the factory in its stock configuration. When you want to squeeze even more raw power from its V12 engine there are many options for aftermarket upgrades.


The factory Murcielago exhaust is restrictive and heavy. The factory exhaust system uses two primary catalytic converters and two more secondary cats. The exhaust is then forced into a massive stainless steel coffin box muffler. The factory system is equipped with vacuum operated valves on the primary cats that bypass the factory muffler at high RPMs. The factory exhaust is a little too tame for most owners in sound and also it’s too restrictive for performance. There are many different options for aftermarket exhaust on your Murcielago. We highly recommend going online and researching what exhaust system will fit your needs as far as budget, performance and what they sound like. By putting on an aftermarket exhaust you will be reducing the weight of the vehicle and creating more power in weight savings on top of the exhaust performance boost.

Brisk LGS Plugs

The factory Lamborghini 6.2L & 6.5L V12 engines come with NKG plugs and they are good enough to get the job done but what if you are trying to squeeze out a little more power at high RPMs? Brisk Racing worked with Lamborghini’s marine racing to design the Brisk LGS series spark plugs. This special plug has a special electrode design that allows for better ignition and burn. You will feel a noticeable difference on high RPM runs with these plugs.

Reid Performance Intakes

On a stock Murcielago, the four throttle bodies are fed cool air from the airboxes through what looks like dryer duct tubes. Because of these tubes, the air flow entering the engine is very turbulent and robs your car of horsepower. Nick Reid of Reid Performance developed custom intakes that addressed the factory intake problem. Reid Performance sells intakes made from Silicone, pie-cut stainless steel or pie-cut titanium. The pie-cut intakes also are available in a custom black crinkle coat finish. Installation of the Reid Performance intakes involves removing the factory air boxes and tubes. The Reid Performance kits come with high-quality K&N filters, adapters and all necessary clamps. Expect about a 20 HP gain in performance with these intakes.

ECU Tune

Once you have fitted your Murcielago with exhaust and custom intakes the next logical upgrade would be an ECU tune. The two engine ECU units behind the driver’s front seat panel are carefully removed and sent out to an ECU specialist that will tune your engine to run properly with your engine mods. Once this process is completed the ECU units are sent back and carefully reinstalled. Depending on the tune you could gain 20-30 horsepower.

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