Tips For Keeping Up With Your Car Collection

Do you have a garage full of collector’s cars? We truly understand your passion for cars and we are more than happy to help you maintain your fleet of prized vehicles. Here are some tips to keep your collection in the best condition possible with exotic car repair near you.Porsche auto repair services


Don’t Let Them Sit For Extended Periods Of Time

By moving your vehicles frequently you are ensuring that your tires don’t get annoying flat spots on them. Some owners will go as far as putting their cars on jack stands to avoid this. You should start your cars frequently in order to circulate fluids in the engine. Always allow the engine sufficient time to get to operating temperatures before moving them or especially revving an engine! Many exotic cars come from places with warmer climates so then engine block oil passages may be smaller. Cold oil will not circulate properly in some of these cars because of this reason. Revving a cold engine can cause damage to things like the cam lobes that won’t be sufficiently coated in oil yet.

Make Sure You Drive Them

It’s a good idea to occasionally take your vehicles out and drive them. Not only are you enjoying the fruits of your hard work but also your vehicle needs to be driven. A vehicle that sits around not being driven can have issues with engine seals drying out from lack of lubrication. Gasoline over time begins to break down and lose its original octane rating. Many high-performance collectors cars require higher octane fuel to prevent engine knocking. Over time old gas can begin to varnish parts in a gummy residue. This residue can cause pesky gremlins to manifest themselves in parts of your fuel system. It’s always a good idea to top off with some fresh gas every now and then and allow fuel to run through the system and be burned by a running engine.

Get A Floating Battery Charger

A floating battery charger or tender is a good investment in proper storage of your car. A car needs to run in order to charge the battery through the alternator. This task can be difficult too since the winter months in New England are so cold and not ideal weather to bring out the vehicle. The cold temperatures of winter can also make a battery go flat very quickly. Always remember that an automotive battery is not a deep cycle battery! To get maximum life out of an automotive battery it should always be fully charged. In modern exotic cars, a low battery can cause lots of issues with the electrical system. A good floating battery charger or tender solves many of these battery storage issues. Some chargers such as the CTEK 3300 will even help extend the life of your battery with its patented desulphation function. Sulphation is a condition when lead sulfate crystals build up on battery plates causing the battery to lose cranking power and it makes them harder to charge.


If you have a car collection we hope these simple tips help you maintain your fleet. But in the event things aren’t running right and you need exotic car repair in NH or MA, give us a call today at 603-566-2075 or fill out the contact form to book an appointment.