Why You Need To Change Your Lamborghini Door Struts

Today we will discuss one of the most common Lamborghini Repair topics, scissor door gas strut failure. Since the introduction of the Countach all flagship V12 Lamborghini models have featured scissor doors. These doors not only look cool but they actually serve a function as well: they allow you to open the doors in spaces that would normally be too tight for conventional doors. One common issue with these doors is the failure of the gas door struts, but many new owners do not recognize the symptoms of worn gas struts and often overlook this common issue.

How Door Struts Work

Your doors are hooked up to a gas strut. Since the door struts are gas filled, you must understand that the scissor doors will not operate as well in cold conditions. This is because the pressure inside the strut will decrease in colder temperatures and, in turn, not put as much pressure out to assist in opening the door.

How Your Door Struts Should Work

When you open your door in warmer temperatures, the door should pop up on its own and slowly lift completely open. With new struts, there should be some resistance closing the doors as well.

Signs Door Struts Are Not Working Right

If you find yourself lifting your doors by the handles you have bad door struts. This condition puts a lot of stress on your door handles and can also distort the metal around your door handles. If your doors slam shut easily, then you also have bad door struts. Doors that slam down too quickly can cause issues with expensive window regulators and can even make some windows fall off their window tracks! We have also seen worn door struts make the door lock mechanism to come loose from closing too hard. This can cause the door to remain stuck shut!


If you are experiencing any of these issues, it’s time for Lamborghini Repair! Nothing is more embarrassing than trying to get out of your Lamborghini supercar gracefully and having to fight a heavy door from closing on your legs. Give Silver Arrow Service a call today to book your appointment 603-566-2075.