Debunking 3 Myths Of Exotic Car Ownership

We’re sure you have heard some of the myths of exotic car ownership and their repairs.  Many of these myths are stories that won’t go away.  

The $1500 Oil Change Myth

This story is grossly exaggerated and has been around for many years. While getting an oil change in an exotic car is more expensive than a conventional car it’s not a bank account draining job to have done. The first thing you must understand is that most conventional vehicles have a wet sump oil system. A wet sump engine has the oil and oil pump typically contained inside the oil pan. Draining a wet sump system is as simple as removing the oil pan plug and changing the oil filter. Most exotic cars have a dry sump oil system; this means the oil is in a separate oil reservoir. A dry sump system allows the car manufacturers to mount the engines lower for better handling and also a dry sump system work better in high-performance engines.

When draining oil from an exotic car the oil reservoir is emptied, and a small amount is removed from the engine. This is a much more labor-intensive job than a conventional vehicle since the process takes a little longer, but again it’s not a $1500 job.  

Parts Are Expensive Myth

This may be true for some parts that are unique to the vehicle but many times they are not. Some auto manufacturers will use parts from their parent brands. Today’s modern Lamborghini has many Audi / VW parts inside. A great example would be the brake light switch in the Lamborghini Murcielago. This part will set you back over $100 at the Lamborghini dealership, but the part number on the switch can be traced back to a VW Passat for under $30! Also, remember that used parts are available for many different exotic cars.  

Exotic Cars Break Down Frequently Myth

Every exotic car can be temperamental considering it is most likely hand built. Exotic vehicles also sometimes spend a lot of time sitting in a garage and not being driven much. Sitting around not being driven may increase the value of the vehicles, but it can lead to problems with seals and gaskets getting dried out. A well driven exotic car has most of the “bugs” worked out. Another issue that contributes to this myth is the first year of a new model car tend to have problems. Manufacturers are typically in a hurry to introduce new technology in their vehicles. Sometimes these innovations create unknown kinks that need to be worked out. Issues are addressed through recalls, software updates, and design changes.  

In Conclusion

If you are thinking about purchasing an exotic car, be sure to do your research. Make sure you speak to other owners and even mechanics who are familiar with your exotic car of choice. Educating yourself beforehand can help prepare you for ownership. Don’t forget that a job on a regular vehicle is typically cheaper because they are easier to work on in many instances.  


At Silver Arrow Service we want your experience with a mechanic to be one to look forward to. Don’t let any myths deter you from your dream exotic car ownership. If you need Exotic Car Repair or foreign car repair, be sure to give us a call at 603-566-2075.