Interesting Facts About Audi

Since 1899, Audi has been at the forefront of the luxury automobile industry.  With their cutting edge designs and innovative technologies, Audi will not disappoint.  That being said, all vehicles require regular maintenance and repair.  Luxury cars are the specialty at Silver Arrow Service.  Audi repair in NH has never been in more talented hands.  Not only will the staff provide quality service, but they will provide insight on facts you may not have otherwise known about your Audi.

Audi means Listen

August Horch originally co-owned A. Horch and Cie. After a falling out with his partner, Horch started a new company under the name Agust Horch Automobilwerke GmbH.  Ultimately having to remove the name Horch, he replaced it with Audi.  Horch means “listen” in German, while Audi means “listen” in Latin.

A Battle of Rings

Sued by the Olympics Games in 1995 over its logo, Audi has no connection with the famous three ringed emblem.  Ultimately winning the case, the history of the Audi rings goes back to 1932.  The four rings represent the four companies of the Auto Union; Horch, Audi, Wanderer, and DKW.  Each of these companies focused on different segments of the automobile market.

Speed does Matter

Always pushing their innovations to the limit, Audi surpassed their time in 1938 with the Auto Union Type C.  The racecar was taken to the Autobahn and recorded at 268.4 mph.  With the engine placement in the back of the vehicle, handling and a beastly 560 horsepower knocked this creation into a park of its own.

Crash Testing Begins

In 1938, technology and safety standards were no comparison to those of today.  Audi was the first company to conduct crash testing on their vehicles.  While a group of spectators would standby, vehicles were rolled down hills and crashes visually observed.  Although this may seem a bit outdated, Audi set the precedent for testing today.

Now that you know a few extra facts about your Audi leave the rest to the experts Silver Arrow Service.  From maintenance to Audi repair in NH, the team prides themselves on quality and knowledge.  Every client is valued, and every situation is unique.  Contact us today at (603) 566-2075 to find out more about how Silver Arrow Service can take care of your needs.