Summertime Auto Repair in New Hampshire

Although auto repair is a year-round event, certain seasons bring in a flux of common repairs.  For instance, the cold winter months are the cause of many batteries to need replacement, whereas the summer months have an air conditioner focus.  Whatever the case may be, Silver Arrow Service is equipped to handle domestic to exotic auto repair in New Hampshire. We’ve created this article to highlight a few of the most common repair calls we receive, and how you can be proactive in maintenance.


Air Conditioners

A car has many important parts and features, but in the summer, the air conditioner seems like the only element that matters.  Often, your air conditioner is an element that is out of sight, out of mind.  That is until it fails to work on the hottest day of the summer.  The most common reason for failed operation is a loss of charge.  A variety of reasons can cause a lost charge.  However, staying on top of fluid levels will help to keep your air conditioner running at its optimal performance level.  If you’re noticing even the slightest decrease in the performance, bringing your vehicle into your local auto repair shop sooner then later could save you money and aggravation.


Tire Service or Replacement

After the long winter months have passed, our roads are filled with potholes and ditches that wreak havoc on our suspension and tires during the Springtime.  Although many of us will push our tires to their limits, it’s imperative to maintain healthy tires since they are the only thing between your vehicle and the road.  Safety is the utmost concern when it comes to driving on old, worn out tires.  With the proper inflation, good tread, alignments, and rotations, you can easily extend the life of your vehicle’s tires.  Not only will you ensure a safe drive, but a smooth driving experience as well.



Radiator replacements peak during the summer months more than any other time of the year.  For several different reasons, vehicles can overheat, leaving you with a hefty repair bill.  With the proper maintenance, you can avoid costly trips into the repair shop.  For instance, checking and topping your coolant is imperative.  The main reason for radiator failure is a leak which will end up causing a complete cooling system failure. 


If your vehicle needs a little TLC, give the team at Silver Arrow Service a call today.  From complete overhauls to routine maintenance, we’re happy to offer our customers solutions to that are useful and ideal for optimal vehicle performance.  Visit us online or contact us at (603) 566.2075