The Most Common Needs for Volvo Repair in New Hampshire

Since 1927, Volvo has dominated the driving scene with integrity and class. As one of the most reliable vehicles on the road, drivers around the world continue to choose the Volvo. Maybe for its trusted performance and safety features, maybe for the variety of sleek designs. However, like any make, certain models are known for having issues. Instead of being deterred by mechanical needs, having a trusted mechanic for Volvo repair in New Hampshire is the best solution.

As experts in the brand, our team takes pride in offering honest and dedicated work for your automobile. In this article, we’re providing you with an upfront look at a few common issues we see with Volvo.



Transmission problems

While the Volvo maintains its rankings in popularity, it’s well-known for transmission issues. For instance, many drivers have reported the transmission in the V70 to be “erratic.” While your vehicle may require routine maintenance, it may also require professional Volvo repair from your trusted New Hampshire mechanic.



Cooling fans

Although Volvo remains one of the most efficient and reliable cars on the road, like any brand, it may have issues. One of those issues being a faulty cooling fan in the XC60. Beyond cooling the internal temperature of your vehicle, the cooling fan is also responsible for maintaining the overall temperature of the coolants. This becomes important when the subject of engine failure is at hand.



Power steering fluid leaks

Flipping over to the S60, it’s been reported by owners that the power steering often malfunctions due to a leak. The leak generally occurs in a hose that carries the fluid to the car’s system. If you’re tempted to change out the hose on your own as many online resources guide you to, we’d like to recommend otherwise. Unless you’re trained in auto mechanics, specifically the inner workings of Volvo, you can cause more damage than repair when attempting an at home DIY repair job.



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At Silver Arrow Service, we have a team of trained mechanics that are dedicated to providing honest work for your Volvo. Next time you’re looking for Volvo repair in New Hampshire or Massachusetts, give us a call at (603) 459-8190. We continue to stand behind the Volvo brand as it sets standards each year that surpass those of their competition. As one of the most reliable brands on the road, your Volvo deserves to be in good hands!