Avoid NH Auto Repair By Preparing Your Vehicle For Winter

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The harsh New Hampshire winters can leave certain parts of your vehicle damaged or inoperable. It’s best to prepare your vehicle for these types of foreseeable impairments with help from our NH auto repair shop. The most vulnerable areas of your vehicle include; tires, battery, fluids, and wiper blades. To learn more about how these components are vulnerable to the cold, keep on reading!




A problem for any New Hampshire vehicle is low tire pressure. The combination of cold weather and an abundance of potholes makes for a bumpy winter ride. Tires lose air pressure in colder temperatures due to the compression of air molecules. This can lead to poor traction or even complete tire failure.

Keep yourself safe this winter by preparing for the worst. Our mechanics will assess your tires and determine their condition with the utmost honesty and integrity.



Often, car batteries die during the cold seasons. This doesn’t mean you need to buy an entirely new battery, but it would be in your best interest to get your battery “load tested” by an NH auto repair shop. Having a load test on your battery provides a look into how much life is left within your vehicle’s battery. On the off chance that your car battery won’t make it through the winter, our team is happy to install a new battery at a moment’s notice.


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Wiper Blades

Another common issue in the winter, specifically during snowstorms, is wiper blade and motor failure. The moving parts in your windshield wipers are sensitive to snow, and it can be harmful to wipe the snow off of their windshield with wiper blades alone. To avoid damaging your wiper blades or motor, position the blades facing outward from your windshield when expecting a snowstorm. Further, it’s recommended that you replace your wiper blades once a year, so feel free to contact our NH auto repair shop when that time comes.


Car Fluids

Perhaps the most important vehicle fluid to keep in mind during the winter is windshield wiper fluid or antifreeze. You don’t want to be blinded by ice, salt, and dirt on your windshield.

Another thing to consider is the viscosity of your motor oil during the winter months. Your oil viscosity rating will have two different metrics based on either warm or cold weather. The number before the W tells you its viscosity during colder months, and the number after the W corresponds to warm weather viscosity. Follow your owner’s manual to find the right viscosity for winter.


Silver Arrow, Your Go-To NH Auto Repair Shop


The services listed above are among the most common winter vehicle repairs. At Silver Arrow Service, we work on any make and model, including exotic cars. Reach out to us any time to prepare your vehicle for the winter, routine car maintenance, or additional repairs during any time of the year.


Contact Silver Arrow Service today at (603) 459-8190 or schedule an appointment through our website. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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