Has Your Car’s AC Ever Been Cleaned?


Have you ever been in your car during traffic, but it feels like the cool air that should be coming from the air conditioner isn’t cold enough? There’s nothing more frustrating than being stuck in a car during a heatwave without the crisp, fresh air coming through the vents. The key to a clean and well-running AC is through regular maintenance. Your car’s air conditioning system is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and mold. If you’re spending a lot of time in your vehicle, it might be time for a high-quality Liqui Moly AC cleaning from Silver Arrow. We have the expertise for all kinds of auto repair in Derry, NH.


Signs Your AC Has Bacteria


Air conditioners commonly harbor mold and mildew. This is due to moisture from condensation or humidity not having anywhere to go and a lack of airflow. When the AC is turned on, it starts a breeding ground for mold and mildew inside your vehicle. Have you noticed foul odors, minimal cold air, or a feeling of suffocation? There might be an issue. If this is the case, a professional cleaning service can fix the problem.


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Don’t Leave It Untreated


What happens if you don’t get around to cleaning the AC in your car? It can lead to the air vents carrying the mold and bacteria particles into the cabin. The first thing to remember is that it can lead to health issues with exposure over time. The most common problems caused are headache, stuffy nose, sneezing or coughing, or bacterial infection.


Liqui Moly for Auto Repair in Derry, NH.


An AC cleaning with Liqui Moly products will refresh your vehicle and reliably eliminate bacteria and mold in the system. Therefore, taking care of your vehicle’s air conditioning is beneficial for your health and the longevity of the system. It will save you costly AC repair bills down the road! You don’t want to strain your vehicle as it tries to force air through a dirty filter and into the cabin. Get rid of the musty smell and go for Liqui Moly!


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Silver Arrow Service


Currently, we are offering a $99 AC Service and $199 Cabin Treatment and Cabin Filter Replacement Service here at Silver Arrow. If you want to freshen up your car for summer, give us a call at 603.459.8190 to make an appointment for exotic auto repair in Derry, NH.