5 Ways You Can Service Your Volvo at Home in NH

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Volvo vehicles have been ever-growing in popularity and it’s not difficult to see why. Volvo makes safety a priority in their vehicles, with continued efforts toward safety technology Volvo vehicles are arguably some of the safest on the road. For your Volvo to continue keeping you and your family safe it’s important to make sure your Volvo is getting taken care of correctly. Silver Arrow Service has the extensive experience to ensure your Volvo service in New Hampshire is done right. Here are five ways that you can care for your Volvo at home. 

Seat Upkeep

It seems simple but vacuuming your seats every few weeks will make a huge difference for the look and feel of your Volvo. While you are at it, vacuum the dash, doors, and consoles. We know that dirt and debris are inevitable, but allowing it to build up isn’t great. Clean your leather seats with a microfiber cloth so you can keep your Volvo sparkling.

Check Your Tires

Oftentimes checking tire pressure is completely skipped over. By not keeping your tire pressure where it should be your Volvo will not be able to perform at a superior level. Make it a habit to check your tires roughly once a week to keep that smooth ride you know and love. 

Clean the Trim

The trim of your car can become extremely dirty over time. Vacuum to remove the initial dirt, then use a gentle, non-harmful cleaning product to wipe away the rest of the build-up. This will leave your trim shining, restoring the glow to your Volvo. 


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Prioritize your Exterior 

We’ve all seen it, someone drives by with a nice car that is covered in weeks worth of pollen, road salt, mud, you name it. But what is the point in having a luxury car if the outside of it isn’t being taken care of? Regularly washing your Volvo is an easy way to make sure nothing builds up on the outside, or bottom, of your vehicle that could potentially be harmful to the life of your car. Additionally, make it a priority to check and clean your windshield wipers. 

New Hampshire Volvo Service at Silver Arrow

There’s only so much you can do from home. The single most important thing you can do for your Volvo is making sure it is getting professional service. But not just any old service. Your Volvo needs top-notch technicians who are trained to work with specifically your Volvo. Here at Silver Arrow Service, you’ll find a dedicated team that will do just that. From routine maintenance to intricate service work, every job, every vehicle, is treated as if it were our very own. When you choose Silver Arrow, you’re choosing a team as dedicated as the Volvo innovators themselves.

Silver Arrow Service is conveniently located in Litchfield, NH. Give us a call at (603) 459-8190 or contact us to make an appointment for your Volvo!