Your Guide to MA Mini Cooper Repair

Is it time for a MA Mini Cooper repair? Mini Coopers have been taking over the roads in the last few years, and if you’ve ever driven one, you’ll understand why. When they first hit the roads in the 1960s, Mini Coopers were popular because they were fun to drive. When Minis were reintroduced to the American market in 2002, drivers in the United States started buying and driving them for the same reason. Like all cars, Minis come with their own set of common maintenance issues. If you’re looking into buying a Mini or already own one and need MA Mini Cooper repair, come to Silver Arrow Service in Hudson, NH. Our team of mechanics is ready to repair anything that goes wrong with your Mini. Here are a few common repair problems that Mini Cooper owners run into.


Loose timing chain

If you hear a rattling sound coming from under the hood, it could be a loose timing chain. Mini Coopers often have an issue with the timing chain coming loose relatively early in their road life. Timing chains are made to a specific length, so they cannot be tightened and have to be replaced if they lose their tension. Scheduling your Mini for regular maintenance is the best way to stay ahead of this problem and replace the chain before it breaks. A broken timing chain can cause your engine to fail to start or even fail while you are driving.


Water pump leak

Mini Coopers with more than 50,000 miles are prone to leaks in the water pump or around the thermostat housing. When the water pump leaks, a gradual buildup of rust and gunk will form on the pump. A leaky water pump is also less efficient at moving coolant throughout the engine. Because this is a known problem in Mini Coopers, many Mini owners will have the water pump replaced before the car hits the 50,000-mile mark to avoid problems caused by leaks in the water pump later on.


Power steering pump failure

Most drivers today have never driven a car without power steering. If your power steering stops working, you notice right away. In Mini Coopers, the power steering pump is known to fail without warning, resulting in the steering wheel suddenly becoming rigid. This failure is usually caused by low power steering fluid or a faulty coolant fan. If the power steering pump fails, it is a good idea to have the nearby systems checked as well. Preventative maintenance can keep your Mini Cooper on the road for years to come.


MA Mini Cooper Repair at Silver Arrow

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