What to Look for in a BMW Repair Shop

If you own a BMW, you know that it is an exceptional vehicle, and you want it to perform at its peak for years to come. But when your BMW needs repairs or routine maintenance, you can’t take it to just anyone. But how do you find a BMW repair shop that will take care of you and your car? At Silver Arrow Service, we know the importance of finding a repair shop that cares as much about your vehicle as you do.

Here are some key criteria to look for when you are selecting a BMW repair shop.


Certified and Experienced Mechanics

When checking out prospective repair shops, the first thing you should look for is certified and experienced mechanics. Look at the shop’s website to see if they list the names of their technicians along with their qualifications and specialties. When it comes to a high-performance vehicle like your BMW, you should only trust an experienced technician with its maintenance and repairs. You should also look for mechanics with ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certifications. ASE certified technicians, like the members of our team, must have a minimum of two years’ experience and pass difficult exams before they can boast this qualification.


Good Reviews

You wouldn’t try a new restaurant without checking the online reviews first, so why wouldn’t you do at least the same amount of research on a BMW repair shop? And when we say check the reviews, we don’t mean just glance at the star rating. Read at least a handful of the more detailed reviews to see what their past customers have to say. You should also check how many reviews they have received. If an auto repair shop has lots of reviews and maintains a high star rating, that is a good indicator that they provide quality service.


Repair Warranties

Before you take your BMW for repairs or maintenance of any kind, ask the auto shop if they offer a repair warranty. This is the surest way to know if a shop is confident in its technicians and is willing to stand by the quality of their repairs. If the repair shop doesn’t trust its work enough to guarantee parts and labor, you shouldn’t trust them either.

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Silver Arrow Service: A Trusted BMW Repair Shop

We’re proud to say that Silver Arrow Service fulfills all these criteria and more. When you’re in need of a reputable BMW repair shop, come to us. Our team of qualified technicians will treat your car as well as if it were their own.


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