4 Reasons VW Owners Love Their Cars

If you’ve glanced around at the other cars on the road recently, you’ve probably noticed more Volkswagens than in years past, especially SUV models. If you were to ask any of those VW owners what they think of their car, you’d be met with a spirited explanation of why they love their Volkswagen. At Silver Arrow Service, we specialize in foreign cars, so we do quite a bit of the VW repair in NH. And as we work on these cars, we can see why drivers love them so much.

These are just a few of the reasons why NH drivers love their VWs.


Fuel Efficiency

Gas prices are on everyone’s mind these days, so any car that boasts good gas mileage will turn heads. Volkswagen hatchback and sedan models usually have a combined 35 mpg rating. That’s a pretty impressive number, considering that it means they do even better on the highway. Unsurprisingly, SUVs don’t do quite as well. For example, the Tiguan gets about 30 mpg on the highway, but that’s still pretty good for an SUV.



A common criticism of Volkswagens is that they are unreliable, but any VW owner will be quick to tell you that just isn’t so. Like any vehicle, they require regular maintenance, and drivers who follow the recommended maintenance schedule can easily get 200,000 miles out of their cars. Some VW drivers have an issue with oil sludge building up when they reach 70,000 to 90,000 miles. However, it’s easy to avoid this problem by getting regular oil changes. Regular VW repair in NH from a foreign car expert like Silver Arrow Service will keep your car running and on the road for miles.


Luxury Feel

For drivers who aren’t necessarily auto enthusiasts, Volkswagens’ appeal comes from their luxury feel, without coming with a luxury price tag. Even Volkswagen base models come with features like heated seats, touchscreen navigation, and a digital display that interfaces with your smartphone. Even though VWs aren’t classified as luxury vehicles, you’ll be hard-pressed to tell the difference once you see all the features that come standard on these cars.


Safe and Solid

While a great engine and luxurious features are certainly selling points, VW’s safety ratings seal the deal for many drivers. Volkswagen found a sturdy structure early on in their history and they have made only minimal changes since. And they’ve had no reason to mess with their designs. Their most popular models consistently have the highest overall safety ratings.

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VW Repair NH at Silver Arrow Service

If you’re a Volkswagen owner who loves their car, you need somewhere you can go for reliable VW repair in NH. In short, you need Silver Arrow Service. We have a team of experienced technicians who specialize in foreign cars. Whether you need a major repair or routine maintenance, Silver Arrow Service will take care of you and your Volkswagen.


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