Stay Cool with A/C Recharging

New England might be known better for its cold winters, but the summers can be pretty hot, too. And if you’ve ever driven around in the middle of the summer with a broken air conditioner, you know that it’s not fun. If your car’s air conditioning isn’t working, it’s probably because the A/C needs a recharge, which is a common auto repair in Derry, NH. At Silver Arrow Service, we want you to have the best driving experience, so we know how important it is to have a functioning air conditioner.


What is A/C recharging?

First, let’s go over what it means to recharge your car’s air conditioner. We don’t mean it in the same way as when we recharge a battery. Recharging the A/C means adding refrigerant to the car’s coolant system. Without enough refrigerant, the air conditioner cannot blow cold air and you’ll just get a blast of heat when you turn the A/C on.

Here are the warning signs that your A/C needs a recharge or other maintenance.


You don’t get any cool air.

There’s nothing worse than feeling hot air come out of your vents when you were expecting refreshing A/C. In some cars, it takes a moment or two for the air to cool down, but if you never get cold air, even when it’s on the lowest setting, that’s a problem. A clogged cabin air filter can also stop your A/C from blowing cool air, so when you bring your car in for auto repair in Derry, NH, that is the first thing they will check. If the air filter isn’t the problem, an A/C recharge is the next item on the list.


Cool air turns warm after a few minutes.

If you feel cool air at first but then it turns warm after a few minutes, that signals a problem with the compressor clutch. The A/C works when the compressor clutch applies pressure to the system. The compressor also keeps the refrigerant running so the air conditioner continues to work properly. This system is constantly cycling on and of, so it will inevitably wear out and break in time.


Stay Cool with Auto Repair in Derry NH

If you’re not getting enough cold air out of your car’s A/C, come to Silver Arrow Service. We provide top-notch auto repair in Derry, NH, and the surrounding area. Whether you have a broken air conditioner or you just need routine maintenance, we have you covered.


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