Acura Service & Repair

Acura was launched in in North America in 1986 as Luxury Brand owned by Honda. Acura was Japan’s first luxury brand of automobiles. In the late 1980s the Acura Legend was a huge success in it inspired other Japanese auto makers to launch their own luxury brands such as Lexus (Toyota) and Infinity (Nissan). In 1990 Acura released the NSX mid engined super car designed by Italian car builders Pininfarina. The first generation NSX was produced from 1990-2005. Throughout the years it was updated with minor cosmetic changes. The NSX was also one of the world’s first all-aluminum bodied full production car ever produced.

In 2016 Acura came back out with a newly designed NSX model. The new model is still has a mid engine design however this time the car is a hybrid with a 3.5L twin turbo V6 with three electric motors. The new model can produce up to 600Hp! The new NSX is designed and engineered in the USA facility for Honda located in Ohio.

If you own any model Acura and live in New Hampshire or Massachusetts and need service or repair call Silver Arrow Service today! We are very familiar with all Acura models. Silver Arrow Service is located in Litchfield, NH just off Interstate 93’s Exit 4 for NH-102 toward Derry/Londonderry. We are just a short drive from the Massachusetts border.