Honda Service & Repair

Honda began it’s life in 1937 as Eastern Sea Precision Machine Company and was founded by Soichiro Honda. Eastern Sea Precision Machine Company was mainly focused on providing engine parts to other automotive and internal combustion engine companies. After losing a major contract with Toyota due to poor quality control engine parts. Soichiro Honda went to engineering school and also visited countless other factories to better understand quality control. By 1941 Soichiro was able to mass produce quality engine parts.

WWII destroyed much of what was Soichiro’s company so he sold what remained of it to Toyota. In 1946 he founded the Honda Technical Research Institute. First products produced by Honda were small 2 stoke engines that could be attached to bicycles. Around 1949 the company became Honda Motor Co and they produced their first motorcycle model. By the early 1960’s Honda became one of the largest motorcycle companies in the world. At that point Honda began producing automobiles starting with a truck and later releasing a car model to their company line up.

Honda continued to grow over the next few decades because their vehicles were inexpensive and reliable. In 1986 Honda was ready to unveil their own luxury brand known as Acura. In 1991 Honda had released it’s first supercar, the NSX. The acronym NSX stands for “New Sportscar Experimental”. In North America the NSX would be sold under the Honda’s Acura brand name. Honda’s goal with the NSX was to produce a vehicle with performance in the V8 Ferrari range but wanted it to be cheaper to buy and own. Honda enlisted the help of Italian car designer Pininfarina for the design of the NSX.

During the early 1990s Honda was unprepared for the SUV boom and it took a toll on the company. Things were quickly turned around as Honda released the CR-V and Odyssey and focused less on it’s coupes and sedans. Today Honda is known for extremely reliable vehicles and low cost of ownership.

In the event something goes wrong with your Honda and you need service or repair, where do you go? Do you own a Honda in and live in New Hampshire or Massachusetts? At Silver Arrow Service of Litchfield, NH we a familiar with all Honda vehicles. You can count on the fact that our technicians will get you back on the road quickly, inexpensively and safely. Be sure to give us a call or fill out the contact form to book an appointment.