Maserati Service & Repair

Maserati is an Italian luxury automobile company founded in 1926. The Maserati symbol is a trident because of the famous Fountain of Neptune statue in Bologna, Italy. Neptune not only represents strength but also the founding Maserati brother’s home city of Bologna, Italy. In 1937 the Maserati brothers sold their company to Adolfo Orsi. The Orsi family moved their new acquired company company to Modena, Italy. During WWII Maserati was forced to get away from producing automobiles and help the Italian war effort. After the war Maserati resumed doing what they were the most passionate about, building automobiles.

By 1957 production jumped up for the Maserati brand from just a handful of vehicles to hundreds of vehicles being produced. In 1968 ownership of Maserati changed hands to the French automobile company known Citroën but Adolfo remained in his position at Maserati. Maserati would go on to share innovations and ideas with their new parent company. In 1971 Maserati would go on to produce their first mid-engine car the Maserati Bora.

The 1970s also brought about turbulent times for Maserati during the oil crisis. Sales began to slump as demand for high end luxury sports cars drastically dropped. Citroën was forced to sell Maserati and the company ended up in the hands of Alejandro de Tomaso. Alejandro de Tomaso had a background in automotive racing making him the right right man for the company at that time due to his passion for the automobile. The company continued to grow once again at a good pace into the 1990s. In 1993 Alejandro sold his ownership to Fiat and eventually Ferrari ended up in control of Maserati. With Ferrari in control of Maserati, the outdated Maserati factory was built into an ultra modern facility. The company would continue to grow and sales kept increasing for Maserati. Under the Alfa Romeo umbrella of Fiat owned companies Maserati became a serious competitor of Mercedes and BMW’s luxury vehicles.

If you are as passionate about your Maserati as we are, you want to take your vehicle somewhere that will take great care of it and most importantly treat it as if it is their own car. At Silver Arrow Service we are passionate about the vehicles you drive. Next time your Maserati needs service or repair bring it by our Litchfield, NH shop. We are located just off of Interstate 93’s Exit 4 for NH-102 towards Derry/Londonderry and a few minutes by highway from the Massachusetts border. Be sure to give us a call or kindly fill out our contact form to schedule a service or repair appointment today!