Mini Service & Repair

The original Mini was introduced in 1959 by the company known as British Motor Corporation (BMC). For a small car it had plenty of floor space due to it’s front wheel drive layout. The original 1960s Mini is considered an iconic British car. Different variant of the Mark I were developed over the years. The Mark II was introduced in 1967 with minor construction changes and cosmetic updates. The Mini Mark III was unveiled in 1969 with more changes such as concealed door hinges, larger doors and special cost saving suspension changes. The Mini Mark IV first appeared in 1976 with more minor exterior changes such as reverse light integrated into brake lights. The Mini Mark V was released in 1984 with the most notable change being larger upgraded brakes. In 199o the Mark VI was introduced and followed by the Mark VII in 1996. The Mini Mark VII was the last of the original Mini automobile design and it discontinued in 2000 to make room for the new line up.

In the year 2000 the company became directly owned by BMW. BMW was looking to become more established in the economy and compact car markets. The Mini brand was revitalized as the vehicles were given major redesigns and released to the public. The Mini brand also has a very established history in rally sports since the 1960s to present day.

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