Nissan Service & Repair

Nissan Motor Company Ltd. is a Japanese based brand that began in 1933 under the name Nissan Group. Nissan’s beginnings go even further back with Japan’s first automobile company known as Kaishinsha Motor Car Works. Kaishinsha Motor Car Works was founded in 1911 and produced a car known as the DAT. Later a car would be produced with the Name Datsun meaning “Son of DAT”. Nissan Group purchased the company in 1933.

In the 1950s Nissan was looking to expand their markets by introducing their vehicles to Australia and the United States. Nissan’s automobiles were economical and had a certain Italian design flare to them. They did extremely well in the new markets with Nissan sales and by 1970 Nissan was one of the biggest exporters of automobiles in the world.

In the early 1980s Nissan discontinued marketing their vehicles under the Datsun name and simply just branded their cars as Nissan. In 1984 Nissan started marketing their high performance vehicle division under the Nismo name. Nismo is the shortened version of the Nissan Motorsport International name. Nismo has competed in many different motorsport events such as Super GT, Blancpain GT and many more. Cars produced by Nismo include a few special editions of the Skyline models, 370Z and the modern Nismo GT-R. These cars all featured high performance modifications to the engines, transmissions, suspension, brakes and their aerodynamic styling.  Nismo also makes aftermarket performance parts and accessories for Datsun, Nissan and Infinity models.

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