One of the most important things about investing in service is having complete trust in the company. Without that implicit belief, you can’t feel comfortable investing in anything. That perspective is especially true when it comes to something as personal as auto repair. It’s critical that any shop you put your vehicle into has the ability, ethics, and customer service skills to serve you and your car well. Safety is a top priority at Silver Arrow Service. Reviews are an honest and open forum for clients to express their sincere feelings about a business, and our belief in transparency leads us to believe that they can do plenty of good. If you haven’t been to our shop before, we suggest you read what others have had to say about our services and the shop. We hope these honest reviews will help you get a feel for how we operate. It will show you just how passionate and knowledgeable we are! Social media leaves plenty of room for engagement. We browse it frequently to get in touch with our clients. We encourage you to give honest, thorough feedback through our various channels. You can see us on Facebook, Instagram, and this Website. Not only do our reviews serve you, but they also allow us to perfect our customer service and the shop. We value your feedback and use it to make changes that will help all current and future clients. It’s essential for us always to stay relevant, innovative, and dedicated to customer service. At Silver Arrow Service we strive for 100% client satisfaction. We hope that we can transform our clients’ perspective on automotive repairs and maintenance, into something that is as painless and enjoyable as possible. We’re here to work with you and to work for you. We look at all of our client engagements as the building blocks to a long-term relationship. Please provide feedback, and if you are at any point unhappy with your service, we will work to make it right. Here are reviews that appear on our Facebook page so you can gain an understanding of how we operate and how clients feel about our processes: