These Are The Values of Silver Arrow Service

In an industry as competitive and expansive as auto repair, it takes plenty of charisma and innovation to stand out. While having the latest technology is excellent, a robust business model begins with stable core values that consider the treatment of others and ethics into account. Silver Arrow Service always believes in keeping with our word and maintaining values that are good for both our business and our customers.

Total transparency

As often as there are honest, thoughtful mechanics, there are experts who are just as good at maneuvers as they are repairs. Too often, people mistrust mechanics and don’t believe they need repairs listed on a summary from the shop. At Silver Arrow Service, we do our best, to be honest, fair, and completely transparent with our services. We even have an open window to our shop so you can see the work get done yourself.

No fuss

When our founder Joshua Prevost worked in big-name dealerships, he noticed a pattern: while the dealerships were happy to provide service, it often came with plenty of paperwork and other roadblocks that made the process much longer for customers than it had to be. Thanks to our training and experience, we provide that quality service without the complications involved. We’ll give you the work you need without excess wait times or unnecessary steps.

Equal access

Our staff has many years of experience with foreign models, and we have the certifications to prove it. However, that doesn’t mean we turn people who drive unassuming domestic models away. Whoever needs repair work can come to us and get their vehicle fixed in a timely and efficient manner.

Connection to the community

Customer service is crucial. We do our best to provide the best we can every day. Furthermore, we offer discounts to veterans, carry veteran-owned coffee for waiting customers, and donate to Toys for Tots every year. Being part of our community means the world to us, and we make sure it’s something we practice in and out of the office.

Silver Arrow Service provides the care and attention to detail you need when seeking auto repairs with quality values. Give us a call at (603)-566-2075 and see what we can do for you today!