Our founder, Joshua Prevost, has a vision of service and care at an affordable price. His vision is infused into how Silver Arrow Service operates day in and day out. We work hard every day to provide quality service for client vehicles without any of the complications that can occur. We get right to fixing the cars. Thanks to our staff’s combined 26 years of experience and certifications, the job always gets done correctly and efficiently.

While foreign vehicles are our most popular projects, it is not all we do. We welcome domestic models as well and are happy to work with any person who needs their vehicle fixed efficiently and honestly. Our goal is to ensure that anyone who wants to have a quality working vehicle has one and doesn’t have to pay too much money for the luxury service their vehicle deserves to function at its best level. We aim to serve the entire family’s cars in one convenient, trustworthy place. Ethics are a critical portion of our mission statement, and we keep it at the forefront through affordable pricing and fairness. Since we are not commission-based, you can expect honest, truthful repairs. We’ll even show you why your vehicle isn’t working and hold on to the faulty parts to show you why they are insufficient. These practices are how we ensure transparency and honesty throughout every visit.

Silver Arrow Service cares for clients on a deeper level than you expect from an auto repair shop. We take the time to get to know you and perform the services you need in a timely and efficient fashion. We’re also transparent and value honesty. As we work on your car, you can take a look through our garage windows and see our technicians repair your vehicle through our Truth and Transparency Window. It’s a method of transparency that ensures we get everything done to your specifications.

Vehicles are our passion, and we’ll never stop working hard to provide clients with the repairs, assistance, and advice you need. Joshua paved the way for all of us to give car fanatics solutions every day. No matter what vehicle you drive, you can expect quality service and attention to detail. Silver Arrow Service dedicates ourselves to quality car care for all models, and we will always put technicality and mechanics first. Come to our shop today and learn about our services for yourself! We’re happy to get your car back on the road and form a relationship with you.