Silver Arrow Service prides itself on the quality and knowledge of our team. We are constantly striving to maintain the highest levels of fluency, across numerous manufacturers, to ensure accurate diagnostics and precise repairs. Check out the team below:

Joshua Prevost

Founder/President/Master Certified Technician

Like many passions, Joshua Prevost’s for mechanics began at a young age. From working on bicycles as his first job to entering Nashua High School’s automotive program, Joshua diligently began to hone his craft. After graduating from Universal Technical Institute, Joshua got his first full-time job working at the Volvo Dealership in his hometown.

Soon after, he moved to Arizona for a four-month Volvo training school and while there he earned his Master Volvo certification along with seven ASE certifications. After completing training, he moved back to New England and took a Job at a very competitive Boston Volvo dealership. Joshua continued working for Volvo until he was sought out by the Service Director of a Local Mercedes Benz Dealership.

He continued building his experience on various cars, going on to earn his Master Mercedes Benz Certification as well. From there he continued to gain as much knowledge and Factory training as possible. He has earned certifications for Audi, Porsche, Infiniti, Nissan, and KIA along the way.

When Joshua worked for Mercedes Benz of Burlington, he started to work on some of the higher end, luxury vehicles from the likes of Aston Martin, Lamborghini, and Ferrari. It was at that point that he realized he could provide quality service to clients with a personal touch. With his passion and experience he sought to build a company that could eliminate a mediator and provide the same quality experience as big name dealerships without paying for the name.


Joshua Peabody

Master Certified Technician

Josh’s passion for everything automotive is deeply rooted from his childhood and upbringing. As a kid, Josh spent the vast majority of his time in his father’s shop slowly learning his way around automobiles. As the years came and went, he quickly became adjusted to the auto repair environment and found himself infatuated with the automotive industry. 

After receiving his high school diploma, Josh made the valiant decision to enlist in the Marine Corps. After being stationed in Hawaii, he was deployed two separate times, both to Iraq. After serving four years as a Marine, Josh enrolled at Nashua Community College and studied in the field of Automotive Technology.

While studying Automotive Tech at NCC, Josh made it his duty to help the continued success of his father’s auto shop. Just like the good old days when he used to help his father as a child, he was back once more. Josh did automotive work at his father’s shop for three full years until he decided to move on to the next step in his career path.

Post graduation, Josh worked at Jiffy Lube before landing a career as the in-house mechanic for an armored car company. He spent three years gaining valuable experience until he received a new position at Morin Engine Services.

Josh’s high level of knowledge and expertise led him to be an extremely valuable member of the Silver Arrow Service team here in Litchfield, New Hampshire. In addition to his degree in Automotive Technology, Josh is AC certified for ASE. He also holds a GM service programming certificate and a Bosch high-pressure fuel system certificate. Stop by Silver Arrow Service today to see Josh Peabody and the rest of the team!


Todd Owens

Master Certified Mercedes Mechanic

Specializing in high-voltage, hybrid, electric, and well – all makes and models of the Mercedes brand, Todd brings what it takes to keep your Mercedes performing. 

With over a decade of industry experience, including owning his own Mercedes repair shop, we’re thrilled to have Todd as part of our team here at Silver Arrow Service.

Master certified from the Mercedes New Jersey training center, you can have peace of mind that your vehicle is in the best hands around.  Todd understands the inner workings of this specialized brand as well as the intricate levels of dedication, knowledge, and experience it takes to keep your vehicle running at the highest performance levels possible. Whether you’re driving an A-Class or a Maybach, at Silver Arrow Service, we have the expertise your Mercedes deserves.