Four Things That Prove You Need New Tires

Few things are as crucial to your vehicle’s performance as tires. They ensure that your journeys are safe and help you get to your destination with plenty of protection. So, when they aren’t in the best shape, it’s obvious that your car could suffer from extensive damage. We’ve seen plenty of people in our shop that have tire troubles. Perhaps they could have averted disaster if they know the signs of tire failure. Bear the following indicators in mind so you can be sure that your tires are working well and that you pass a NH state inspection.



1.) Low air pressure

Without pressure, tires just cannot stay inflated and be buoyant enough to keep your vehicle lifted off the ground. Experts recommend that you use a quality tire pressure gauge to observe the tires’ air pressure at least once a month. It’s a simple but effective way to ensure they stay durable enough on the road.


2.) Poor tire tread depth

Treads ensure that the tires maintain a secure grip on the road, which is crucial for all drivers. A rule of thumb to get a quick snapshot of your tire tread’s condition is the “penny test.” Place a penny right into the tread’s groove (as Lincoln’s head faces you), then take a look at the penny. If you view the entire head, your tire depth is insufficient and needs to get fixed.


3.) External damage

People often think that damage that isn’t huge or immediately impactful can get set aside for a later time. However, that is a dangerous and ineffective thought process you should get rid of quickly. If a tire has a mark on it that is a sign of damage, it’s time to visit Silver Arrow Service and get a second opinion or NH state inspection, so you stay safe.


4.) Age

Now, every vehicle is different and has different manufacturing standards. Still, there is a flexible timeline for when to replace your tires. Most recommend that you change your tires after six years of wear or ten, in some cases. It all depends on your vehicle’s manufacturing standards and the tires you use.



If you find yourself encountering these signs, it’s time for you to get your tires assessed and probably replace them. Silver Arrow Service is happy to lend our expertise to you and guide you along the way. For more information about our services or to schedule a NH state inspection, give us a call at (603)-566-2075 and see what we can do for you today.