When Is the Best Time For AC Auto Repair in Hudson NH?

As you open the doors to your vehicle on a hot and sunny summer day, few things are more frustrating than not having access to the cold air your AC provides. The only option left is to open the windows. However, that only cools you down if you’re continually driving. Before the weather gets too hot in New England, now is the best time to consider auto repair in Hudson NH and surrounding areas. The professionals at Silver Arrow can inspect and recommend services to get your vehicle back to its optimal performance.


Lost Charge

Eventually, as many of us know, the vehicle’s air conditioning will lose its charge. Whether you have a leak in a hose or issues with other AC system components, these problems are easily corrected. To check the refrigerant charge, Silver Arrow in Litchfield, NH has the necessary equipment to extract, measure and add refrigerant appropriately. The best time to check for refrigerant issues is before you expect them to occur. Maintaining refrigerant levels only needs to be done about once every three years. If you find that your vehicle’s AC is less effective every year, it may be time to stop by Silver Arrow for our professional opinion.


If your AC system experienced a severe loss in the refrigerant, merely adding more fluids is not the answer. Masking the problem is never the best bet as it is only a temporary solution. Finding the route of the problem is what we do best at Silver Arrow Service. Uncovering the underlying issues and setting a plan of action with our customers ensures a complete fix that will keep your vehicle running for years to come.


If you think your AC unit made need a little TLC, stop by Silver Arrow Service. Specializing in exotic, luxury, and domestic cars, our years of expertise can provide the knowledge your car needs. Beyond auto repair Hudson, NH and surrounding areas, we’re a state licensed inspection station. Offer several services to improve or repair your vehicle, contact us today at (603) 566-2075 and don’t let the hot summer days get the best of you.