Need A Performance Boost? Oil Additives are Your Solution

Whether you’re looking for auto repair in NH or vehicle customization, the team at Silver Arrow is here to help with all of your needs; especially when it concerns performance. One of our favorite ways to give your vehicle the boost it may be screaming for is with Liqui Moly additives.


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Who is Liqui Moly

With over 800 employees, Liqui Moly is a global brand that puts enthusiasm, passion, and dedication into each and every one of their ideas. As a global manufacturer for a full- range of high-quality vehicle products, Liqui Moly combines key factors to boost your driving experience.


Benefits of oil additives

Although each brand is separate in the levels of increased performance they provide, there’s one thing you can count one; oil additives are vitamins for your vehicle. With Liqui Moly, you can provide protection by cleaning your motor from the inside. Here are a few other benefits you’ll be providing your vehicle:

  • Improved engine performance
  • Wear protection for the engine
  • Wear protection for pumps and compressors
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Friction and wear minimization
  • Oil consumption reduction
  • Stop or prevent small oil leaks
  • Regulate your vehicle’s temperature
  • Optimum combustion and compression
  • Eliminates deposit blocking the filter system
  • Protection in both cold and hot climates




While most people associate additives with harmful ingredients, Liqui Moly does quite the opposite. Using state of the art technology, Liqui Moly’s manufacturing processes treat energy and resources with great care. Aware of its social responsibility, the company strives to continuously optimize all systems in regards to ecological concerns.


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As one of the oldest companies to produce oil additives, Liqui Moly has become a trusted brand by driving enthusiasts worldwide. Made to balance with any type of commercial motor oil, driving long distances without the worry of blocking the filters is here. For more information on additives or auto repair in NH, contact the team at Silver Arrow Service.

While foreign vehicles are our most popular projects, we welcome domestic models as well! Our goal is to keep our customer’s driving experience at optimal levels without breaking the bank. Vehicles are our passion. Contact us today and experience the difference from a dedicated NH auto repair shop. (603) 459-8190.