3 Things To Know About Choosing a Foreign Car Repair Shop

Let’s face it, vehicles are much more sophisticated than they were decades ago. While you may have memories of working with dad in the backyard, today, things aren’t usually as simple. For example, foreign car repair often poses a myriad of challenges and workarounds depending on the make. Thus, rolling up the sleeves for a little DIY becomes a more challenging and time consuming process.

Because things have changed drastically with foreign vehicles, there are a few things owners should know when it comes to repair work. In this article, the experts from Silver Arrow Service are providing three (of many) points to keep in mind.


Not every shop is qualified for foreign car repair.

As with anything, foreign vehicles require a specialized set of tools build for the brand. While every auto repair shop will have tools on hand, they may not be the ones your vehicle requires. For example, consider diagnostic equipment for a moment. This type of equipment will provide a generalized overview of the vehicle. However, with specialized diagnostic tools, your mechanic can identify a more precise and accurate issue quickly.


Knowledge is a must.

While running a repair shop requires knowledge, not every team is built for your specific vehicle. When researching potential shops, be sure to consider the team. What do they specialize in? Have certain staff been trained and certified in your vehicle make? For instance, here at Silver Arrow, our founder is Master Mercedes Benz Certified Technician (among others). Thus, Mercedes owners can have peace of mind that their vehicle is in experienced and knowledgeable hands.


Qualified car repair shops are passionate about what they do.

Imagine dropping your dog off at doggie daycare or your child at summer camp. You leave feeling good that your loved ones are in good hands. Your vehicle is no different. While there are many repair shops to choose from, only a few come with a team passionate about their work.

Why is this so important? Because knowing that your vehicle, your investment, is in the hands of someone who cares about the quality and accuracy of their work could mean saving you thousands of dollars.



When it comes to foreign car repair, don’t let just any auto shop take charge. Instead, do your research and contact a team that has your vehicle’s interests first at hand. With decades of experience, knowledge, and specialty certifications, you can feel good about calling Silver Arrow Service.


To schedule your appointment with a team passionate about foreign vehicles, contact Silver Arrow Service by calling (603) 459-8190.