Taking Care Of Your BMW


It’s simple, taking care of your high-end vehicle leads to better performance and reliability. Not only are BMWs sophisticated and luxurious, but they’re also stylish with excellent technology that allows you to enjoy every ride. Plus, with ongoing programs and computerized systems, taking care of your BMW repair in NH has never been easier or better. Here’s what Silver Arrow Service has to say and offer for your vehicle.


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Regular servicing and maintenance


The first step in BMW repair is regular servicing and maintenance at one of the best shops in New Hampshire (hint– it’s Silver Arrow!). Regularly checking on your brakes, fuel lines, spark plugs, and other necessary fluids will ensure that you’ll always be on top of any wear and tear. After all, New England roads and weather conditions can take a toll on your vehicle!


How often should you make appointments?


The best servicing routine you can follow is the one made by the manufacturer and your mechanic’s recommendation. Although, it all depends on the make and model of your BMW and your driving habits. Most often, regular maintenance intervals are all you’ll need to keep your car running smoothly.


Your windshield wipers, engine coolant, belts, and tires are just a few of the things that need to be regularly checked. Thus, they should be looked at about every 5,000 miles. But you can easily have your BMW mechanic at Silver Arrow check over your system during an oil change to make sure nothing is missed.


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We know BMW repair in NH


When you need a mechanic for your BMW, make sure you visit a shop that is familiar with your German luxury vehicle! Therefore, Silver Arrow Service is the place to go if you want to save money on your next BMW service but don’t want to sacrifice the quality of the repairs. Our team at Silver Arrow Service has many years of combined experience. We’re comfortable working with all types of European and domestic vehicles.


With decades of experience, knowledge, and specialty certifications, you can feel good about calling Silver Arrow Service. To schedule your appointment with a team passionate about your BMW, contact Silver Arrow Service by calling (603) 459-8190.