Looking For A Foreign Car Repair Shop? You Found It.

When you drive a foreign manufactured car, finding a team that understands the unique needs can be a challenge. For example, did you know that most brands require proprietary oil? Without this knowledge, your mechanic could use the wrong kind, putting several components at serious risk. As the number one foreign car repair shop in Southern New Hampshire, our team at Silver Arrow Service is here to help.

We didn’t become number one without reason, but here are a few more reasons to give our auto shop a call!


Our family is dedicated to providing the ultimate service.

Whether you drive a Ford or Maserati, Smart Car or Bentley, at Silver Arrow Service, we treat everyone equally. We care for our clients on a deeper level than you often find at other auto repair shops. Taking the time to know you, your driving style, and thoroughly assessing your vehicle’s needs is only the start.

Our team is dedicated to providing the highest service levels, start to finish, with complete transparency, honest recommendations, and competitive pricing.


We have the experience and knowledge your car requires.

As we mentioned, one wrong move and you could be facing many more issues with your vehicle. When it comes to finding a foreign car repair shop, experience and knowledge are two uncompromisable areas. The Silver Arrow team is composed of certified, experienced, and dedicated mechanics that deliver precisely what your vehicle requires.

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Silver Arrow is a certified foreign auto repair center.

Our honest approach is backed by integrity, dedication, extensive experience, and experience in all areas of all vehicles. But, if that isn’t enough, our auto shop also offers a 36 month/36,000-mile guarantee on qualifying parts and labor installed by our team. Add complimentary roadside assistance, and you have complete peace of mind.


At Silver Arrow Service, our team specializes in European car repair. From BMW to Volvo, Aston Martin to Smart Cars, we know what your vehicle requires. Stop wasting time and money searching for the perfect foreign car repair shop can give Silver Arrow a call. We promise you will be glad that you did.

To schedule your repair or maintenance appointment with the most experienced team in foreign auto repair, contact Silver Arrow Service today by calling (603) 459-8190.