Stay Ahead of Common Porsche Repairs

If you are lucky enough to own a Porsche, you want to do everything you can to keep it in prime condition and on the road. Like all cars, Porsches have particular potential issues that you will want to look out for. When it comes to Porsche repair, the first step is choosing the right Porsche repair shop. Luckily, Silver Arrow Service is just the shop for all your Porsche repair needs. Here are a few common Porsche repair issues to keep an eye on.



A common transmission problem in Porsche is that the synchros tend to wear out. If your car grinds between gear changes, is difficult to get into gear, or pops out of gear, those are all signs that your synchros are bad. Regular transmission maintenance is essential for staying ahead of Porche transmission repairs because replacing the synchros is a complicated process. The transmission has to be removed from the car and disassembled. After the synchros are replaced, the transmission is reassembled and reinstalled in the car.



Porsche is known for having issues with coolant leaks. The pipes around the coolant distribution system often need to be resealed. Porsches run at very high temperatures, which can weaken plastic components. Coolant leaks in Porsches are not always easy to spot because the coolant can drip directly onto the cylinders and never make it onto your garage floor. Wet carpets in the trunk or a musty smell coming from the car are both signs of a coolant leak. Having your coolant system checked should be part of your routine Porsche maintenance. 


Steering and suspension

Porsche owners often report that their ABS warning light comes on. This usually happens because the ABS electronics module is failing. Depending on the extent of the failure, the ABS electronic module will either need to be rebuilt or replaced.

Because Porsches are high-performance sports cars, they undergo higher stress levels, which can cause CV joint problems. The CV joint transfers the torque from the transmission to the drive wheels at constant speeds. In a high-performance vehicle like a Porsche, the CV joint has to handle more force than in other cars.


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