Dispelling Stick Shift Myths

As they become less common, some myths have risen up around stick shifts and the drivers who prefer them. We tend to associate manual transmissions with auto enthusiasts and drivers who prefer the old way of doing things. At Silver Arrow Service, all cars are our passion, both manual and automatic. We want to provide the best auto repair in NH to all drivers, no matter what kind of car they prefer to drive.

Let’s dispel some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding stick shifts and auto repair in NH.


Manual transmissions cost less to repair.

As with many of the myths around stick shifts, this one is something that was true in the past. When mass-produced automatic transmissions first hit the market in the 1940s, they had a long way to go before they would perform at the level that we are familiar with today. Now, automatic transmissions still have a lot of moving parts that can break and are much more complex than standards. But advances in design and technology have led to automatic transmissions that generally last the life of the vehicle. On the other hand, you will likely have to replace a manual transmission at least twice, no matter how well-maintained it is.


You get better gas mileage with a manual transmission.

Again, this is a statement that used to be true, and no one disputed it. For decades, the added weight of an automatic transmission and mechanical losses through the drivetrain meant that you’d save on gas driving a stick. In the last decade or so, however, advances in technology have given some automatics the edge. Many automatics have extra gears that allow the engine to run at optimum efficiency. Still, we’re going to call this one partially true. Consumer Reports stood by the claim in a review of 2015 models, finding that you can get better gas mileage by 2 to 5 mpg by driving stick. That was a few years ago now, but most of those cars are still on the road.


Drivers who value performance only drive sticks.

Now, this is where things start to get subjective. Driving a manual transmission does make you feel more involved in the experience of driving. And an experienced driver can more effectively get the motor’s full power to the wheels with a manual transmission. But there are plenty of high-performance cars with automatic transmissions. Some supercar manufacturers have made the switch to automatic: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Jaguar, and Maserati all manufacture sports cars with automatic transmissions. So this is another one that we’ll have to call partially true. Whether automatic or stick shift is better really depends on the driver and the car.

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