Auto Repair Near Me: Do You Need a Clutch Replacement?

Automatic transmissions are taking over, but there are still plenty of cars with manual transmissions on the road. If you’re one of those drivers who prefer to drive stick, you’re aware of the benefits, drawbacks, and differences in repair needs. For example, cars with automatic transmissions do not have a clutch. This is an area of repairs that only drivers with manual transmissions have to worry about. At Silver Arrow Service, we handle all kinds of auto repair on a regular basis. After a while, wear and tear to your car will require a clutch repair or a complete clutch replacement.

Here are some warning signs that a clutch replacement will be your next auto repair.


Slipping Clutch

A telltale sign that you need to replace your clutch is that it slips when you accelerate. You might notice this problem more when driving uphill or transporting a heavy load. A common indicator of a slipping clutch is when the RPM does not match the increase in speed when you accelerate. When this happens, the slipping clutch causes components to overheat, exacerbating the damage. If you ignore a slipping clutch, eventually, your car will not move at all, backward or forwards.


Soft Clutch Pedal

A clutch assembly is pretty heavy, and it takes some force to press the pedal. This is especially true of older and high-performance vehicles. If the clutch feels “soft” when you press the pedal, that is usually a sign that there is something wrong with the pressure plate. Sometimes the assembly can be repaired, but it may require a clutch replacement. It all depends on the amount of wear and how long you wait before looking into the problem.


Difficulty Shifting Gears

When the clutch and the gearbox are in good working order, shifting gears is smooth and easy. The clutch releases the force between the engine and the transmission, allowing it to change gears. When it is difficult to shift gears, the clutch is failing to release the connection between the engine and the gearbox. You will find it difficult to shift into any gear when the clutch is failing in this way.


Auto Repair and Clutch Replacement at Silver Arrow Service

Drivers who prefer manual transmissions are very attached to their cars, almost as a rule. When you need a clutch replacement or any other auto repair, come to Silver Arrow Service. Our technicians have experience working on all kinds of foreign and high-performance vehicles.


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