Lincoln Service & Repair

Lincoln Motor Company was founded in 1917 by Henry Leland. Since the company was founded during WWI Lincoln was focused mainly on building Liberty aircraft engines but Also the Model L automobile. After the war they continued to focus on building high quality luxury vehicles but the post war sales were dropping for their aircraft engines. Lincoln Motor company was in financial trouble by the early 1920s. Ford purchased the Lincoln brand in 1922 and has used the name for all of it’s high end vehicles to this day.   In the mid 1930s the Lincoln-Zephyr was released under it’s own name. The Lincoln brand became wildly popular as their sales grew almost nine times thanks to the Zephyr. After WWII Lincoln decided to discontinue the Zephyr model. In the 1940s Lincoln Motor Company became known as Lincoln Division of Ford. Around this time Lincoln released the Continental model. Henry Ford’s Son Edsel was heavily involved in the development of the Continental. Edsel wanted to create a car that had European influence in it’s design. One innovation that was very popular was the 5th wheel kit on the back of the car. This feature would become known as a “Continental Kit”. This became a standard feature on all future Lincoln Continental models. Lincoln ended up creating the Continental division to be positioned as the flagship vehicles of the Ford line up. This lead to the development of the Continental Mark II, a vehicle meant to compete against Rolls-Royce and Cadillac. The Mark II was the most expensive American car made at the time until the Cadillac Eldorado Brougham was released by GM in 1957. The 1960s are most notable for the development of the “Slab Side” Continental models. They featured a slightly smaller wheel base and dimensions than their predecessors. Other notable features were the unique rear suicide doors and they were also the last of the sedan available as a convertible in the United States.

By the 1970s Lincoln models had became extremely large vehicles. They were known for being extremely comfortable, their superb ride and large engines. In 1973 the oil crisis shook the world and it lead to many automobile manufacturers rethinking their vehicles. Lincoln adapted by making smaller vehicles that were more gas efficient. In 1978 the Lincoln Versailles was released to compete with the small Cadillac Seville. Another notable Lincoln model released in the 1980s was the Lincoln Town Car. The Lincoln Town Car would feature many advanced technologies and creature comforts not yet seen on many other automobiles. The Town Car would become very popular with the limousine and livery markets due to ease or repairs and long service intervals. In 1998 Lincoln released it’s first SUV, the Navigator. The Navigator was so popular that it forced Cadillac to release the Escalade SUV. In 2002 Lincoln released it’s first pickup truck known as the Blackwood. The Blackwood was based on the Ford F-150 trucks of the time. The Blackwood would evolve into the Lincoln Mark LT truck. Lincoln has continued making quality vehicles over the years. Even the Lincoln Continental has been revived to the line up.

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